Is There a Cure for Hair Loss in Females?

Hairs to mankind seem to be like a crown that has been delivered to them by God. For women, it matters more than any other thing We can trace its importance into Biblical times. Hair gives a personal as well as a public identity to the women. In today’s Modern world, we could see that female hair loss has become the inevitable thing in most of women across the globe.


Causes of the fall of the hair in females


There could be many reasons behind the fall of hairs in women. Recent Studies on hair fall have found the causes of this problem in pregnancy, thyroid disorders, anemia, and traumatic stresses.


Also, they have discovered some relationship between the hereditary order and the loss of hair. Loss of hair could be a very serious issue for women. Hairs depict their feminine beauty as well as their charm. Most of us could have heard about the battle of France, where the French shaved the head of their women soldiers to punish them for their sexual involvement with German soldiers.


Many types of research have been done, and many are still in progress, to find out the solution to the problem of hair loss in women.


Methods to cure hair loss in females 


Three prominent methods of treatment have been discovered based on the condition of the hair fall. This


  • Medication


Hair loss in women could happen due to several reasons. It is thus important to find the exact reason for the fall of hair only then one could state the remedy procedures. Different drugs are prescribed for the treatment of hair fall caused by different sources.


  1. Medicines like spironolactone pills are prescribed by the doctors for the hair fall that happens because of hormonal issues.


  1. Retin-A or topical tretinoin can be prescribed for auto-immune skin diseases. Some other drugs like Corticosteroid injections and Topical Anthralin are advised by the doctors for curing hair loss.


  • Hair transplant

This comprises of several kinds of surgical procedures performed by the doctors to cure complete or more than half of the baldness in females. The surgeries that are performed are of the following types :


  • Follicular Unit Extraction


The hairs from hair rich areas are taken and are established on the bald areas of the head. Follicular Unit transfers the strip of the skin with hairs, taken from donor sites, and are stitched onto the bald areas using a trichophytic closure.


  • Natural methods 


The hair fall can be cured by changing our daily routine and diet. Some hair fall happens due to lack of iron and zinc. So we should take proper iron content and zinc sufficient foods in our diet. We should avoid crash diets. We should be aware that stress can also have a greater impact on the loss of the hair. One must allow oneself to engage in social activities and try to be stress-free and this may help in curing the hair loss.


The loss of hair at an early age is a great concern for the females whose hairs not only maintain the metabolism of the body but also signifies their external beauty. The above-discussed cure is explained broadly based on the causes of the hair loss. There are many more treatment schemes available. Preventive measures are also there that can help one to avoid the fall of hair at large. No matter how grave the situation is, there always will be a cure for the hair fall.