5 Myths about Audio Cables


Can you improve the quality of your speakers or audio device by changing the wires? This is one of the questions most people search on the internet. One of the reasons for this is due to the cheaper price of the audio wires as compared to the speakers or any other audio device. There are some companies that can promise this and offer audio cables for thousands of dollars. It is essential that you find the difference between myth and reality.

Good quality of audio cable can promise better audio along with the warmer sound. If you just believe everything mentions on the internet then you will just waste your time. There are various types of myths circulating on the internet regarding the audio cables. Here are the top 5 myths that you might have read on the internet.

  • Thicker wires provide better sound quality

It is one of the most common beliefs amongst many people that if you buy thicker audio cables then it will prove you a higher quality of sound. Well, this is not true as the thickness of the wire does not have any impact on the quality. The only benefit of using the thick audio cable is that it will last for a longe time. If you are using a thick audio cable for a short amount of time, then it won’t provide any audible benefits.

  • Buying braided audio will solve skin effect

If the audio frequency is higher then it means the audio will travel alongside the perimeter of the wire instead of travelling at the centre. This difference can only be noticed when the sound travels miles of distance or frequencies are carried for long distances. So it won’t cause any problem with the audio quality and you can keep using normal wires.

  • Buying the same length of audio cable for speakers

Some people think that the length of audio cables for the speaker should be of the same length to avoid the phase shift. Well, you have to understand that the electric signals in the Audio Cable travel near the same speed of light. So you won’t even notice the difference even if the cable length is different.

  • Small current change the quality of wire over time

There are some rumours on the internet that due to the change in the current over some time, the audio cable might lose its quality over time. Well, it is a myth and there is no need for you to change the Audio Cable after every few years. This is because some companies might be trying to sell their products on the basis of these rumours.

  • Splices in audio cables might decrease audio quality

The experts have already said that the splices in the Audio Cable have no effect on the wires. It means that you can use them without any issues and there won’t be any noticeable difference in the audio quality over time.

There are many other myths circulating around the internet. Some of these myths are circulated by the companies to sell their products. It is essential that you do your research and then only consider buying the products.