Why competitions work to increase leads

Running a competition is a popular method used by different companies to attract customers, generate interest and increase conversion rate.


The customers would be happiest when they are getting a chance to get a free item from a competition. 


Why competitions work to increase leads?


Competitions attract your audience’s attention and interest. 

An active competition makes your audience more active and makes people pay more attention.


Competitions give a positive feeling of excitement. One of the major benefits of competition is that it makes people excited about the thought of winning something. It creates an environment that taps into people’s strong desire to win. 


Competitions inspire virality. 

The benefits of competition lies in the fact that people are more accepting and more engaging if it becomes a social norm. Your audience is obsessed with the experience. If your contest is fun and exciting, they’ll want to share that experience with their friends, improving your chances of going viral. 


Competitions boost online engagement. 

People now look for deeper connections online and contests inspire your audience to make the first move, reach out and interact with your brand. Every time someone engages with you on social media, it leaves a footprint which is visible for all their friends or followers to see, thus extending your reach.


Competitions boost loyalty and increase conversion. 

The great thing about giveaways is that because such a great prize is on offer, it helps to increase the number of people who interact with your business and incentivise a deeper connection with your brand. The contest participants and the winners are likely to become a loyal customer even after they’ve participated in the contest or claimed their prize.


Competitions can build your email list. 

If you convince your audience that they’re getting a prize for giving you their personal information or email address as part of the entry process, they’re much more likely to comply.


Competitions create an opportunity. 

It’s a great opportunity to ask questions such as how people heard about your business or what their favourite product of yours is. With their email address and answer, you will be able to tailor and personalise future communications far more effectively. 


Contests provide an interactive way of engaging your audience, collecting leads and increasing your digital presence.


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