How Are Hot Water Systems Installed by a Plumber North Shore?


Any building structure will need a reliable water supply to make it function properly. It is also important that a reliable hot water supply is there, so you don’t run out of hot water when you need it the most. Power costs are increasing quite often, so it is essential to ensure that a hot water system will be there to create savings and cut down costs. It’s when you need a plumber North Shore to do this job for you.

You also wish to have the building accommodate a greenhouse gas emission. It is always great to select a water system that expels greenhouse gas. A reputable plumber can recommend the best water system that will fit your needs, and you can start with a solar heater.

How the Solar Heater Works?

A solar hot water system utilizes panels which are situated on the roof of the building to get heat from the sun. Water then flows through the panels and gets heated in the process. The heated water is then pumped from the panels into a storage tank that is insulated to retain the heat.

In few systems, the hot water is not pumped from the panels to the tank. Instead, the storage tank is placed above the panels. When the water is heated in the panels, its density reduces, and it can rise to the storage tank. As the hot water rises to the tank, cold water replaces it in the panels.


The storage tank has a connected booster to enhance the hot water supply when sunlight is not adequate. The booster can work with solid fuel, gas or electricity. Solid fuel booster uses a heat exchanger system for heating water. For gas booster, a gas burner is placed inside the storage tank to heat the water. There are also other forms of gas boosters where the gas burner is situated below the storage tank. The electric booster is placed inside the storage tank and heats the water when turned on.

Knowing the Efficiency of Boosters

You can choose between an automatic booster or a manually operated one. An automatic booster will have a thermostat which mechanically turns on when the water temperature in the tank is below the required level. If you want it to keep working, you may consult a plumber North Shore to ensure booster efficiency. If it’s an inefficient booster, it won’t thoroughly utilize the available solar energy, which usually happens at night. When you wake up in the morning, you see that the storage tank is already hot.

Proper Use of Boosters

A bacteria known as Legionella can grow in water and can be hazardous to your health. So set the thermostat of your booster to above 60 degrees Centigrade to limit the growth of this possible bacteria. You can switch off the booster if you are away from your home for many days. Most manufacturers of this solar system can provide you with instructions, and it is good to follow them always for safety. A plumber North Shore can always assist you with this installation.