What is involved in meth testing?

If you are aware of the latest in the real estate market, you must already know that meth testing has now become a common trend amongst buyers, renters as well as homeowners. And not in vain. Given the dangers posed by meth and other associated contaminants, it would be really foolish to make any real estate deal, especially residential without carrying out a test for any trace of meth.

Naturally, if you are planning a transaction anytime soon, you do have to be prepared for a test. Unless you want to do it all yourself with a DIY meth test kit, you will have to call in the professionals who can offer you expert help in carrying out the test and also provided with accurate test results. But before you hire any industrial hygienist/agency, you should be aware of what exactly will they do and what would you get at the end of the test.

Procedure for meth testing

The first step in the test would be to check the different areas of the house, apartment or any other property to find if there are any inevitable signs of contamination of meth. Such signs will include stained walls, ceilings, metal frames, etc.

Once that is done, the skilled workmen will go about the house gathering samples from different areas that may have been the place of meth use or manufacture.

When an extensive sampling has been done, the collected samples will be sent to an accredited laboratory where experienced technicians will analyze the samples collected and look for any trace of meth and other dangerous by-products, even if it is negligible.

The results, thus obtained, will then be conveyed to you.

What to expect in the report?

Once you receive the report of meth testing from the experts that you hired, you need to understand what it entails. A testing report will generally include the following information:

  • A detailed description of all the places that were sampled.
  • Additionally, some testing agencies may offer photos of the rooms and exact spots that were sampled to have a more accurate understanding of the results of the test.
  • This will then be followed by the details as well as summaries of the results of the test as drawn from all the samples collected.
  • The results obtained from the test will then be compared with the permissible safety levels for each county, state or country.
  • Finally, you will find suggestions as what needs to be done to eliminate the problem (in case, the property is contaminated).

What to do?

Once you have received the results of meth testing, you should take immediate actions. If the report suggests decontamination, you should arrange for one immediately or you risk yourself even more. But if the property is clean or has very negligible traces of the drug, you needn’t be worried at all. All you need to do is ensure that in no way can the house be contaminated in the future. Ensure that and you can live happily and healthily for as long as you want.